Server 3.x


Welcome to the VPN server documentation page. This site is intended for VPN server operators. It contains information on how to deploy the VPN software on a server, but also (technical) details on how to (better) integrate the software in existing infrastructure, and how configure the software for one’s own organization.

End-User Support#

If you are using eduVPN and need support, find the contact information of your organization here.

If you can’t find any contact details, contact us at


This is an (incomplete) list of features of the VPN software:

Make sure to also check our Roadmap to see what we are planning to do in future releases.


We support the following operating systems for deploying the VPN server:

We recommend you install your VPN server on Debian 12, or Enterprise Linux 9.

NOTE: we expect ALL software updates to be installed and the server rebooted before you install the VPN software!

NOTE: if you want to deploy on multiple machines for load balancing / high availability, please follow these instructions instead!

If you installed a VPN server and want to keep using it, please subscribe to the mailing list here. This list will be used for announcements of updates and discussion about running the VPN software.

Supported Versions#

We support a server release until such time the EOL date has been reached. We ONLY support the particular release on operating systems that are still supported by their vendor! We maintain a separate Server OS Support page that has information on the exact server OS support, including when we drop support for that particular OS (version).

Version Release Date OS Support EOL
3 2022-05-25 Debian (>= 11), Ubuntu LTS (>= 22.04), Fedora (>= 39), EL (>= 9) TBD
2 2019-04-02 Debian (>= 10), CentOS 7, Fedora (>= 39) 2024-06-30
1 2017-07-13 N/A N/A

If you are currently running the 2.x server, and want to upgrade to 3.x, you can look here. You can also view the 3.x Release Notes.