Server 3.x


The sevice provides a number of ways to keep an eye on how it is being used.

  1. The “Stats” page in the portal (see Portal Admin to enable “Admin” access for your account);
  2. Through the CLI using vpn-user-portal-status;

Stats Page#

Screenshot of the "Stats" page in the portal admin

The “Profile Usage” shows the number of unique users that used this profile in the last week and the number of “concurrent connections” to that profile.

The information on this page is updated in 5 minute intervals.

The “Export” buttons allow you to export the “Live” and “Aggregate” information to CSV for import in the tool of your choice, for example to generate graphs.

As an example, we import the “Aggregated” data in LibreOffice to generate a graph.

Graph generated using LibreOffice of the "Aggregated" Usage

CLI Tooling#

If you prefer using the CLI, for example to run it automated, we have some options for this as well.

$ sudo vpn-user-portal-status --json
        "profile_id": "ams",
        "active_connection_count": 106,
        "max_connection_count": 997,
        "percentage_in_use": 10

If you want to implement alerting, you can have a look here