Server 3.x

Database Authentication#

By default the VPN server has database authentication for user accounts. The accounts are stored in the local database.

If you did not set any (other) authModule in your /etc/vpn-user-portal/config.php file, this is what you have.

To configure other ways of user authentication, look here.


There is nothing to configure.

User Management#

You can manage the users using the vpn-user-portal-account tool.

Add User#

To add the user foo, use the following:

$ sudo vpn-user-portal-account --add foo

You’ll be asked to provide the password (twice). After that, the account will be created. It is also possible to specify the password when creating the user:

$ sudo vpn-user-portal-account --add foo --password s3cr3t

List Users#

You can list the users:

$ sudo vpn-user-portal-account --list

Delete User#

You can delete a user, e.g. to delete the user foo:

$ sudo vpn-user-portal-account --delete foo

If you do not want to ask for confirmation before deleting the account, you can use the --force flag.

Disable / Enable User#

$ sudo vpn-user-portal-account --disable foo
$ sudo vpn-user-portal-account --enable foo