Server 3.x

Release Notes#

These are the releases notes of eduVPN / Let’s Connect! 3.x. They will be updated as needed. It is a big release consisting of many changes.

As this is a new major release, we expect some (minor) issues to still exist that we’ll run into in the next weeks/months, so it is important to regularly update your system using the vpn-maint-update-system command. If you are currently deploying eduVPN / Let’s Connect! in production, we highly recommend that you first install 3.x on a test system before planning an upgrade or new installation.

New Features#

Other Changes#


Operating System Support#

We support installation of the VPN server software on the following operating systems:

Recommended OS: Debian 12

We will support future releases of the above operating systems as soon as they become available. We will never support “EOL” releases of operating systems, and only commit to support operating systems up to 1 year after a new version of that OS is available. Example: you MUST upgrade to Debian 12 within one year of its release.


In case you are currently running eduVPN / Let’s Connect! 2.x on Debian 11 or 12 you can use the Upgrade Instructions to move to 3.x. Please note that your users will be forced to reauthorize the official apps and/or download a new configuration file from the portal.

However, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, if at all possible, to perform a fresh installation of the 3.x server!


If you find any issue, feel free to report it:

If you find issues with our documentation, some parts are not fully updated for 3.x yet, we’ll work with you to update the documentation when necessary so it will benefit all.

Client Applications#

All the official eduVPN / Let’s Connect! applications have been updated to support the 3.x server with both OpenVPN and WireGuard. Make sure all your clients are updated to their latest available version.

Full list of the available applications:

Guest Access#

Guest Access (only available for NRENs, disabled by default) has switched to the new OAuth token format. It also “obfuscates” the local user identifiers now so they are not leaked to other servers by using a HMAC.

“Guest Access” is only available in vpn-user-portal >= 3.1.0.

Known Issues#

We are aware of the following issue(s) with 3.x:


The table below lists the changes to the release notes.

Date Note
2023-10-07 RADIUS is again available on all supported platforms
2022-11-23 Update “Guest Access” section
2022-10-13 Mention EL9 is officially supported now
2022-09-26 eduVPN on Windows will auto upgrade to 3.0 now
2022-05-24 Initial 3.x Release Notes