Server 3.x

Source Code#

Here you’ll find links to where you can find the source code of all relevant server and client software.

We also include links to dependencies that we wrote ourselves, or are not widely used.

Work in Progress


Component Description
vpn-user-portal User Portal / API Issue Tracker
vpn-server-node Node Issue Tracker
php-secookie Cookie/session library Issue Tracker
php-oauth2-server OAuth 2.0 server Issue Tracker
php-radius RADIUS client Issue Tracker
vpn-daemon Manages VPN connections on Node Issue Tracker
vpn-ca X.509 Server/Client Cert CA Issue Tracker
ProxyGuard WireGuard over TCP Issue Tracker



Component Description
eduvpn-common Shared code for eduVPN clients Issue Tracker
ProxyGuard WireGuard over TCP Issue Tracker


Component Description Issue Tracker
python-eduvpn-client Linux client for eduVPN GitHub


Component Description Issue Tracker
android Android client for eduVPN GitHub
AppAuth-Android OAuth client for Android (forked from: openid/AppAuth-Android)
ics-openvpn OpenVPN for Android (forked from: schwabe/ics-openvpn)


Component Description Issue Tracker
apple iOS/macOS client for eduVPN GitHub
tunnelkit VPN client library for Apple platforms (forked from: passepartoutvpn/tunnelkit)


Component Description Issue Tracker
eduVPN eduVPN client for Windows GitHub
eduvpn-common Shared code for eduVPN clients (forked from: eduvpn/eduvpn-common)
lxn-win A Windows API wrapper package for the Go Programming Language (forked from: lxn/win)
openvpn OpenVPN is an open source VPN daemon (forked from: OpenVPN/openvpn)
openvpn-build OpenVPN Build (forked from: OpenVPN/openvpn-build)
WinStd C++ Wrappers for Windows API
wireguard-windows WireGuard for Windows (forked from: wireguard-windows)