eduVPN for Linux


If you experience any issues you could and should report them at our issue tracker. Please don’t forget to mention:

If you have a problem enabling your VPN connection please also examine the journalctl -u NetworkManager logs.

The log file of the eduVPN app can also help us figure out the problem, running the gui or cli in debug mode (-d) flag will print debug logging to the log file located at: ~/.config/eduvpn/log or ~/.config/letsconnect/log for Let’s Connect!.

If you prefer e-mail, you can send one, with the same details, to:

See the section below for any known issues.

Known issues#

OpenVPN <= 2.5.7 and OpenSSL 3#

When your distribution uses OpenSSL 3 and an OpenVPN version before 2.5.8, you might get the following error in the NetworkManager logging after connecting to a server that uses OpenVPN:

Cipher BF-CBC not supported

This means that OpenVPN is trying to initialize this legacy/deprecated cipher, even though it is not used in the config. The fix is in OpenVPN version starting at 2.5.8.

Could not find source connection#

It could be the case where the client does not work due to the fact that NetworkManager does not manage your connections.

You could see errors such as:

nm-manager-error-quark: Could not find source connection.

To fix this, make sure that NetworkManager is managing your primary interface. For e.g. Debian systems you can follow the instructions on The Debian Wiki and then reboot. Pull requests are welcome to make the client work without NetworkManager.

Version GLIBC_2.32 not found#

If you install the client using instructions for a different distribution, you can have these GLIBC errors showing when the client is trying to load eduvpn-common. To fix this make sure to uninstall all the packages you currently have installed (Pip, Deb/RPM) and then follow the instructions for your appropriate distribution. See Installation.

If you have followed the right instructions and are still getting these errors you can make an issue.

GUI does not launch due to getting attribute errors#

If your GUI does not launch and you get errors such as:

File "/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/eduvpn/ui/", line 165, in setup
AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'set_text'

It can mean that you have installed multiple versions of the client. If you're trying to use the Deb/RPM version see if:

pip uninstall eduvpn-client[gui]

Does anything.

Otherwise, if there are files in ~/.local/share/eduvpn try to move them to e.g. ~/.local/share/eduvpn2. If the client then still doesn’t launch you can make an issue.