Server 3.x

Installing Updates#

This document will explain how to update your VPN server(s).

These instructions apply to the official installation instructions using the deploy_${DIST}.sh scripts. If you installed the servers in a different way then some changes MAY be necessary!

Single Server#

All that is needed is run the following command on your VPN server:

$ sudo vpn-maint-update-system

You SHOULD run this in a tmux session. This is to prevent trouble when your SSH connection is lost during the upgrade process, for example when you connected over SSH to the server while the VPN connection to that same server was up.

NOTE: in case there are updates to system components/libraries or the kernel you MUST reboot the system.

Automatic Updates#

Create the file /etc/cron.weekly/vpn-maint-update-system with the following content:

/usr/sbin/vpn-maint-update-system && /usr/sbin/reboot

Make it executable:

$ sudo chmod +x /etc/cron.weekly/vpn-maint-update-system

This is the easiest approach, but not necessarily resulting in the least amount of downtime. If you are actively maintaining your server(s) you may be able to get away with not always rebooting. This just makes sure your server is always up to date and by always rebooting there is no uncertainty whether or not updated system libraries are used, or you are running the latest kernel.

In case of security updates it MAY be necessary to schedule updates sooner than the weekly update.

Multi Server#

See vpn-maint-remote.